Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Challenge #28- Make 2 sets of Finger Puppets

Today, I decided that its time to get creative again so I have started on my next challenge. Finger puppets won the day as it is a fairly easy project which can be done in stages if necessary. So far have made a pig, a penguin and an owl. My choice of subject has been somewhat limited by the colours of felt that I have got in house (note to self, it might be time for another trip to Spotlight before bubs arrives!). My favourite so far is the penguin, hubby's favourite is the owl. I may have to have a second attempt at the pig as I'm not too impressed with that one.

The original plan was to make 2 sets of identical finger puppets, but I am now thinking that I may make one set of animals (pig, cow, horse, cat, dog etc...) and one of birds (penguin, owl, duck etc). That said, I'll just wait and see how the project unfolds.

I must admit that it would be easier to glue the details on and use googly eyes instead of felt eyes, but I have a destructive child. I have to admit that she takes great pleasure in pulling things to pieces, so I reckon that sewing is the safest option.

I will keep you posted as this project unfolds...

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