Friday, 26 November 2010

Things to enjoy while I can!

It occurred to me recently that when there are loads of amazing things going on, we often don't take the time to truly savour and enjoy them. I thought I'd write a wee list of things that I am currently enjoying while I can:

1. Rascal's blond curls. Lets face it, it is a very rare female who is happy with the hair she was born with, so I have to make the most of rascals natural ringlets while I can. As for the colour, well that is going to turn to brown soon enough (as mine did), so I'm having fun with my wee blondie!

2. The sheer enjoyment and excitement that rascal gets when she sees a car or a bus while we are out driving. I love the excitement in her voice when she perks up saying "CAR" or BUS". This is generally followed by a statement as to the cars colour, just in case I am mistaken as to which one she is meaning. Its a great reminder to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

3. Unbroken sleep. With a new baby due within the next month or so, do I really have to explain this one...

4. Toddler talk. It may at times be a bit confusing that many words such as "porridge" and "orange" are pronounced the same, but its so much fun hearing rascal's vocabulary expanding every day and noticing the progression from single words to short phrases.

5. Rascal's kisses for my baby bump. I love that rascal comes up unprompted, lifts my top, kisses my baby bump and then very carefully pulls my top back down. I hope that she is as caring towards the baby as she is towards the bump!


  1. You enjoy then for as long as they are there

  2. Oh Lovely, these are precious memories that will hopefully last a long time. Enjoy them while you can.


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