Monday, 15 November 2010

Thanks Eme Creations

In October, I stumbled upon and became an avid follower of Blogtoberfest. I loved finding all the new blogs. As an aspiring blogger, it was great for me to see what inspires different people to write and how they go about expressing themselves.

It is possible that without blogtoberfest I would not have started my own blog as I was initially intimidated and thought "but what do I have to say?", but the more I read, the more I thought "I can do that!"... Who knows I might even be a blogtoberfest participant next year!

One of the blogs that I came across while wandering the blog-o-sphere was Eme Creations (if you have the time, hop on over and have a look at all the great felt ornaments that she has been making). Although I didn't win any of her giveaways, she kindly gave the participants in one of her giveaways a kit to make a felt Christmas tree Ornament of their choice.

I chose a star and was thrilled when it arrived in the post with a kind note. The kit contained everything that was needed and was easy to follow. Here is the finished item...

Thanks Eme Creations, this will look great on our Christmas tree!

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  1. I love it. You've done a wonderful job. So happy you liked it.


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