Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Fun with Potatoes!

We had such fun yesterday afternoon! I decided that the rascal and I would make some potato print wrapping paper for Christmas presents this year. The inspiration for this project came from two sources:

1. The crayon drawings of a 2 year old friend which were used to wrap one of my daughters birthday presents.

2. A post on the Whimsical Parasol blog about potato printing.

I found a couple of potatoes and cut them into star and Christmas tree shape stamps. It was just coincidence that all the potatoes that I had in the house were small, but this made them manageable for small hands. I will definitely be looking out small potatoes the next time that we do this. The paper that we printed onto was from a roll of brown paper and we used kids acrylic paint.
The stamps
Now, being joined in this endeavour by a 2 year old, the results of our printing were not quite as perfect as those shown on the other blog, but I must say I was still pretty impressed. The rascal made a mess of red and green on the first attempt, but by the time we were on the second and third pieces of paper, her marks were becoming more star and Christmas tree shaped.
The first attempt- Guess which was my side and which was the rascal's side of the paper!
The second attempt- All the rascal's work... a big improvement if you ask this proud mummy!
I think that it is fair to say that the rascal had a ball! So much so that she spent the rest of the afternoon asking if she could do painting again!
The Budding Artist!

I hope that our family appreciate our beautiful wrapping paper this year. Tied up with ribbon there will be no denying that our presents will be unique and hopefully pretty cool looking!
The finished masterpieces


  1. Aww thats a great idea! With Riley being 3 this year, hes all into Xmas now and I'm on the lookout for some Xmas craft ideas for us to do together.

  2. omg I'm having a little giggle to myself because we made potato stamps a few days ago identical to yours and I only just saw your post when Fay mentioned it today! A really weird coincidence?

    Anyway I'll be following your blog because I like the look of your challenges and I also need to make a peg bag because the plastic basket they are currently in is starting to get brittle


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