Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas Heart Basket Tutorial

Please bear with me, this is the first time that I have written a craft tutorial. I have done my best to be as clear as possible. If you find anything confusing or unclear, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help.

You will need:
  • 2 sheets coloured paper or cardboard (I used 225g card but paper would do just as well)
  • something to draw semi circles with (in the absence of a pair of compasses, I just drew around a glass)
  • a ruler
  • scissors or a craft knife
  • ribbon (optional)
  • glue and or stickytape

Start off by drawing a semi-circle. It is easiest if the diameter of the circle is a number that you can easily divide by 2 or 3)
Measure the diameter, double it and draw 2 parallel lines of this length extending from the semi-circles. (My circle is 6cm, so I have drawn lines that are 12cm long extending from each edge of the semi-circle). Draw another semi-circle at the end of the two line.

Cut the shape out

Fold the shape in half.

Place two dots at even intervals along the fold.

Place two dots at even intervals along the diameter of the semi-circle.

Draw lines connecting the dots. These lines should run the length of the square part of the shape and be parallel to the edges.

Extend the lines slightly (something like 0.5cm should be enough to make the weaving significantly easier)

Cut along the lines (the cutting should go through both layers of cardboard)

You now have a template for the basket shape. If you are making multiple baskets you can draw around this shape.

Make an identical card shape in contrasting colour.

Now comes the fun part (... and the bit that's hardest to explain)

Start by taking the white card and placing the left paper strip through the centre of the folded red card. Then thread it over the end of the middle red strip of card and finally through the centre of the furthest red strip. When you look at the two pieces know you should now see red, white red whichever side of the heart you look at)
The crayon is not necessary, it is just a prop for photography purposes

Do the opposite for the next strip so in my case this means threading the white strip over the first strip. threading it through the second strip and threading it over the third strip.

Repeat what you did with the first strip on the third strip and you are there... difficult to explain but hopefully easy to do!!!

As a final step, attach a handle to the inside of the basket. You could use ribbon for this, or even just a strip of cardboard. I used ribbon and attached it using a glue gun and covering this with sticky tape, just in case.

Have fun personalising these. I hope that you'll agree they are simple, pretty and eye-catching!

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