Monday, 22 November 2010

Challenge #5 The Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap

Now that I know that my little packages have arrived safe and sound, I thought I'd share a few pictures of what I made for the Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap. This was the first time that I had participated in anything like this and I was keen to do it as well as I could.

The first thing that I designed was my ornament. It was loosely based on the following tutorial. I altered the design slightly so that my ornament is made of felt, not foam and I also changed the eyes as the googly eyes that I had were too small for my ornament and looked silly. I also made the ears a bit cooler and just generally had fun personalising the design.
A Herd of Reindeer
A Close-up of Rudolf
Once Rudolf was made, I decided that I would like to package him nicely. I remembered that when I was at primary school one of the girls in my class had a Danish Mum who came to talk to us about Danish Christmas traditions. She taught us how to make these cool little heart shaped baskets by weaving paper. I thought that if people like the baskets, they have a second decoration for the tree and if not, they can just enjoy the packaging. I think I might make some smaller baskets with the left over card to hang on the tree with some chocolate coins or some other goodies inside.

As it had been many years since I made them, it took a wee bit of experimenting with scraps of paper to get the design right, but I finally succeeded. If anyone is interested, I am more than happy to post a tutorial on how to make these.
The heart baskets almost ready to go (just need 4 more antler protectors!)
Finally, I made some wee gift tags to personalise the baskets; made some antler protectors to stop the antlers from getting bent out of shape during postage and bought some wee chocolate santas to put them in the baskets as a wee treat for the recipients.

I hope that everyone who received one of my packages gained as much joy from receiving them as I did from making them.

You can count me in again next year... this was FUN!!!

Curious as to what I receive in return?... Watch this space....


  1. Oh wow, these are soooo cute! I love them.
    Did you do any extras? If so, and you like the look of my ornaments when I post pictures (probably next week once I've posted them all) maybe we could do a one off swap!
    And I'd definetly love to see the tutorial for the paper heart baskets :-)

  2. Great decoration! I love it, and it's on the tree already. :)

  3. love your reindeer :) I have nearly finished mine for the swap, just 1 to go!

  4. Your reindeer are gorgeous. Would love to see a tutorial for the baskets.. This week I am starting Christmas crafting with the kids and their friends and they look so cute.

  5. Loved the reindeer. he is hanging on one of the cupboard door handles till we put up the christmas tree. Miss 2 talks to him all the time :) Will put a pic of him on the tree when we put it up after Mr 11mths birthday.
    thanks for the basket tutorial. Just saw it. Think I will make this with Miss 2 as they were so cool - she claimed mine and is carrying it around the house with her pretend food in it :)


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