Friday, 5 November 2010

Challenge #1 Knit a baby blanket COMPLETED!

I'm feeling quite proud of myself today.

The baby blanket is complete and it doesn't appear to have any major faults in it. Not only that, but its finished five weeks before my due date! I am really pleased with how it has turned out and this time it is good measurements for a cot (100 cm x 120 cm).

I discovered the major disadvantage of knitting stripes... weaving in the ends. How boring is that? Ah well, it was worth it. I hope that new bubs one day will appreciate the love and effort that has gone into knitting this blanket.

 I borrowed big sisters cot for this photo to check if the blanket really is cot sized.
... and a close up shot!


  1. Aww its wonderful! Well done for getting it finished and with plenty of time to spare too :)

  2. That is gorgeous, you should be very proud. I made a quilt for my first son, but sadly never really got round to one for the second! Had a bad preganancy so was never in the right head space to want to make one. I do regret it now, althought he has loads of blankets that he still loves. Well done

  3. That looks fantastic well done. You will feel so great wrapping your precious bundle in it.


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