Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Challenge #17 (Join and regularly attend a playgroup)

D-Day today!

The first day attending playgroup.

As usual I got up and immediately tried to think of all kind of excuses why I couldn't go. Unfortunately my pile of excuses is getting a bit old and tired, and having already announced on my blog that I was going to go, I quickly realised that there was no way round it... I was going to have to go.

We were among the first to arrive and the little rascal amazed me by just getting straight down to the serious business of of play. She explored the room, discovered where the puzzles were, emptied them all onto the floor and started to play. It was great to see her being so confident in a new environment. she loved mat time and joined in will all the action songs. There were lots of giggles and not a single tear... success!!

As for me, who knows if this will be a source of new friends. Its always difficult to tell the first week, but at least I went and have committed to going again.  Any time out of the house and socialising is welcome at the moment, so all in all I would say that this morning was a cautious success.


  1. Good on you for going! You should join up to - I made a lot of friends through there and they are such lovely people, always there for support.


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