I must admit that I am not the best at remembering to update this page when I release new patterns, but never worry, you can always find my complete range of patterns in my Craftsy Store

Some are free, some have a small charge attached.

I love hearing from people when they make up my blocks, so please feel free to email, instagram or flickr your photos to me.


  1. These New Zealand birds are just lovely.Thanks so much for making them available.


  2. Hello! I'm a transplanted Texan living in New Plymouth, and I came across your New Zealand bird patterns while searching for ideas for making a mobile for my infant daughter's room. Lovely!! Thank you for designing and making them available! Any chance you would do a magpie? Cheers, Marcia

  3. Hi! I purchased your large butterfly pattern and have LOVED it. I'd really like to get your VW bus and your bear (from your header) patterns. Will you be releasing them on Craftsy anytime soon?

  4. I cannot believe you have a puffin block! My favorite bird. Your blocks are amazing. I'll be ordering soon from your store. Great work.


  5. I've looked on esty,payhip, and Craftsy for your adorable " boxer dog" pattern but I can't find it. Help ! please

    1. The boxer pattern was designed for Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine. At this stage, the magazine is the only way to buy the pattern.
      You can find the pattern in issue 37 of Love Patchwork and Quilting.
      If you can't get your hands on a paper copy of the magazine, you can buy a digital copy from Zinio, Google Play and Apple Newsstand

  6. Hi Juliet, I love your birds and the dogs in Love Patchwork and quilting. Do you do cats? Kate

  7. Where can I find your newest butterfly pattern? I'm seeing it finished on other blogs and I love it.


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