Monday, 3 April 2017

I've been on a podcast!

Just popping in quickly to let you all know that you can hear my dulcet tones on The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady Podcast. If you prefer to listen to podcasts on itunes, you should be able to find it there too. We discussed a range of things including my introduction to paper piecing, my upcoming book, my derivative quilts post and much much more.

Charlotte was interviewing me as a part of her series on the tutors who will be teaching at the New Zealand Quilt Symposium in October of this year.

I will be teaching two classes. One is a beginners paper piecing class which uses a little blue penguin pattern which I designed especially for the class.

The other is called Sizzling Safari. It is for people with a bit of paper piecing experience who are keen to expand their skills and try larger scale patterns.


  1. Thanks so much for chatting to me Juliet, it was lovely to talk to you!

  2. Hey Juliet! I loved the podcast! I have been following you for a while and a big fan of your patterns! I enjoyed hearing your story!! I wish you continued success! And I truly hope you can make it to Quilt Market in Oct! I live on the outskirts of Houston, so I am lucky to be able to go to the Quilt Festival each year!!

  3. Will the penguin pattern be available later to purchase? It is really cute.

  4. Just listened to your podcast...what fun! Nice to put a voice with your patterns. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.


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